Photography & Video Policy

To protect every child / family's right to privacy; NO photography or filming of children is permitted during class.

On the last day of each session, parents will be permitted to photograph their own child only, while being presented their certificate or report card at the end of class. Non-parents (friends, relatives, child minders) must obtain permission from the parent of the athlete prior to photographing them.

Parents are not permitted to publish any images or videos on social media or the internet taken at Etobicoke Gymnastics unless they specifically contain your own child's image only.

Flash photography is extremely dangerous for gymnasts as it temporarily blinds them and poses a serious risk for injury. It is strictly prohibited in the facility at any time.

If it is noticed by or pointed out to our staff that individuals are taking photographs or videos of gymnasts, our policy is to request that the person stops taking photos / videos, and to request the photos / videos be removed from the camera or device. The safety of our participants is of utmost importance to us, and if deemed necessary, we will report any unusual activities to the authorities. We would also ask that any member who suspects unusual activity to report it to the office staff.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our policy.