Our Coaching Philosophy

  1. Encourage your children and acknowledge their efforts! Point out what is good, then correct constructively; continue to encourage.
  2. Skill achievement and good conduct is acknowledged with positive encouragement, recognition, praise and enthusiasm.
  3. Try not to compare them with others’ as each child is unique and will benefit from our program differently from the next child.
  4. Demonstrate patience and understanding to overcome fears, use progressions and psychological tools effectively.
  5. Maintain your composure; no matter what happens, stay calm. Behave the way you want participants and parents to; examples lead behaviour.
  6. Maintain the child’s self-esteem, all participants are special and important in their own way and should be treated with respect and dignity.
  7. Gymnasts will train to their personal best in a challenging, fun, safe and positive learning environment. Emphasize that the pursuit of excellence is an important goal in and of itself, participating and doing one’s best are more important than winning or losing.
  8. Respect and act upon the child’s input. Let competitive participants choose the priority they give to performance, then listen to what they say, and adjust your expectations and programs accordingly. Remember that sport is only one part of life.
  9. Actively encourage competitive participants to respect other competitors and officials. Point out that competitors are cooperating by competing; there would be no competition without them.
  10. Smile…enjoy your recreational class or competitive team.

Etobicoke Gymnastics is committed to the True Sport Principles, click here to learn more.