Etobicoke Gymnastics

Synergy Gymnastics

Synergy Gymnastics is our competitive team for Etobicoke Gymnastics.

Gymnastics is inherently a competitive sport and we are a competitive team. We measure our success and progress by how we portray ourselves and execute during practice and on the competition floor. During all workouts and competitions we strive for excellence. While winning is not the most important attribute , trying to win represents much of what we strive for.

We believe that gymnastics teaches life skills along with the greatest overall body conditioning your child could be involved in. Properly taught gymnastics teaches self-motivation, self-discipline, pride, dedication, determination, work ethic, time management, teamwork, team spirit, leadership, sportsmanship, poise and grace.


Competitive Teams

Women's Gymnastics: Pre-Competitive

Gymnasts train extensively in all areas of gymnastics. They train two days per week for a total of five to seven hours. The major focus of the program is preparation for competition.

Women's Gymnastics: Compulsory

Gymnasts in this program train three times per week for a total of nine to ten and a half hours. They develop skills and routines in preparation for invitational competitions.

Women's Gymnastics: Optional

The Women's Artistic Provincial program is designed for girl's age 9 and over who will be competing at the provincial level. Gymnasts will train three to four days per week from twelve to eighteen hours.

Trampoline: Provincial & National

The Trampoline program is a specialist program for athlete’s aged eight (8) and up who are preparing to compete at Trampoline competitions. Athletes participating in trampoline train three or four days per week from eight to ten and a half hours.